How much is a clean bed?

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Much better and more logical is to have extensive and competent advice to get a real impression of products and qualities. This also includes trying out – only those who feel a mattress, who can also evaluate whether it is the right one.

The best mattress for you

An ergonomically good mattress with desired ventilation (important for hygiene!) Starts at 500$. The mattress cover makes up at least 30% of the price here.

Why is that? Quite simply: Buy a textile (jacket, sweater or running shirt) that can withstand 25,000 hours of use, work at 14 to 22 degrees and remove moisture. In this case, the jacket (which does not exist with the desired conditions) would probably cost 500$ or more.

Which mattress covers do I need?

On the market, there is a wide selection of hygiene covers, mattress pads, and protectors. Of course, quality also plays a big role here. Find out what differences exist and what to look for in our article on Mattress protectors.

For a clean bedroom: ventilate the room properly!

In principle, it is clear, but we would like to mention it again. As for all rooms applies: Sucking is better than permanent ventilation. 10 to 15 minutes window open, for air exchange and you, feel really comfortable in the bedroom.

Can I wash my mattress cover or should I use a mattress cover?

Anyone who believes that they can live mite-free has unfortunately been completely wrong. Mites are in every mattress. For mites, the residue of the mites is the problem. Eyes reddened, sneezing and breathing problems are known. But what can I do to prepare myself well?

In most cases covers are washable at 60 ° C. For natural hair covers – quilted for example with new sheep’s wool – you can at least have the covers cleaned. Unfortunately, this is only a limited solution for allergy sufferers, because the problem is in the mattress or in the blanket so the upper bed. Mites always feel particularly comfortable when it is a little damp.

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How can a waterbed help against allergic reactions?

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Sneezing, burning eyes, a runny nose and sometimes breathing difficulties. The house dust mite can cause many problems if you suffer from house dust allergy or asthma. Especially in bed and in the bedroom, problems can quickly arise, because in your bed and around your bed quickly collects dust. Here’s what you can do in a dust mite allergy to keep your bed and bedroom as free of house dust mites as possible.

How can a waterbed help against allergic reactions?

The starting points of a waterbed are simple: the right support and a lot of comforts. Especially for people with house dust mite allergy or asthma. A short summary:

  • A waterbed is very hygienic: transpiration fluid, dander, dust, and bacteria cannot penetrate into the water mattress. If you regularly wash the cover of your water mattress at high temperature, you will hardly have any problems with dust mites.
  • Do you want to be sure? Then you can opt for a special dirt trap. This is simply fastened with a zipper between the cover and a water mattress. So you can give your water mattress an extra protective layer and you can be sure that your bed will not become a breeding ground for the nasty house dust mite.
  • Possibly. Remains that still penetrate the upper class cannot settle in the vinyl water mattress. The mattress can be easily wiped with vinyl cleaner when washing the cover.

As you can see, a waterbed can help reduce allergic reactions. The purchase of an additional dirt trap film is possible, but not a must. The water mattress is impenetrable: dander, bacteria and transpiration fluid cannot penetrate into the mattress.

Need help or advice?

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What causes back pain most of the time?

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Let’s get right to the point. The best mattress for people with neck or back pain does not exist. Choosing a mattress is a personal matter and depends on how you sleep. Your physique and specific complaints play a major role here.

It is therefore essential that you are well informed about the most important points in choosing a suitable mattress and preferably get advice from a specialist.

What causes back pain most of the time?

Most of the population has no detectable medical cause for the development of back pain. For example, the onset may be related to your sleeping posture, wrong posture, stress or overwork.

Back pain is generally not associated with the choice of mattress. However, a mattress can reduce or increase the pain.

  • The most common back pain is:
  • Low back pain,
  • Disc prolapsed,
  • Rheumatism,
  • Arthrosis.

Often, with the onset of such symptoms, your current mattress, which you may have slept well for years on, no longer provides the best support you currently need.

What do I have to watch out for if I have back pain while getting up?

Everybody and every mattress are different. The best mattress for back pain does not exist, but there are a few important things to look out for.Now tempurpedic mattress sale on our website

Does your mattress support the contours of your body?

Good support of the spine is very important. By an unnatural sleeping posture, the complaints can worsen. Choose a mattress that will give your body good support. Choose a mattress where your back and neck are in a straight line. Your body will then take the most natural attitude.

Choose a pressure-reducing mattress

A pressure-reducing mattress ensures a better comfort than a mattress, which does not distribute the pressure. A pressure-reducing mattress puts less pressure on the protruding parts of your body.

A good mattress lets your shoulders and hips sink deeper, while there is enough conformity to support the rest of your body. In this way, not all the weight and pressure will rest on a few points.

Is your mattress warm enough?

One prefers to be warmer; the other prefers to sleep in a colder bed. People with back pain feel the warmth as pleasant. Heat relaxes the muscles and relieves the pain.

Visco mattresses: Maximum body adaptation for a healthy sleep

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Restful sleep is only possible with the right mattress. Since sleeping habits are completely individual, there are also different mattress types. Visco mattresses have a core made of special polymer foam. This foam ensures that the Visco mattress adapts to the body of the lying one hundred percent. Maximum pressure relief is a result. But who sleeps well on a visco mattress? What are the advantages of this mattress that need to be considered? These and other questions about Visco mattresses will be discussed in detail below. Our goal is to provide you with the widest possible overview of Visco mattresses, thereby making it easier for you to make a future purchase decision.

What’s so special about a Visco mattress?

Visco mattresses are also known as “Tempur mattresses” or mattresses with memory foam. The soft polymer foam inside the mattress was originally developed by NASA, which shows how innovative this technology is. Due to the special composition of Visco foam, it gives way even under slight pressure.

For a dormant body, this means that it can sink into the mattress. This creates a kind of that is exactly adapted to the body contours of the lying. In this way, the spine, the joints, and the intervertebral discs are permanently relieved. For a night of restful sleep, this can work wonders. It is for this reason that Visco mattresses have been used for quite some time in the orthopedic field.

What are the advantages of a Visco mattress?

The exact adaptation to the body shapes of the lying is in the Visco mattresses, not the only advantage. The so-called “memory foam” (memory foam) in the core of the mattress reacts to heat, which is why the mattresses are also known as thermoelastic mattresses. This means that the elastic effect of the foam increases with increasing temperatures, but weakens with cooler temperatures. People who like to sleep in warm rooms can, therefore, benefit even more clearly from the advantages of this special mattress. Another advantage is the absolute quietness with which a visco mattress adapts to the body shape.

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Mattresses those are best for extra weighted people

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People that are having extra fats in their body is always having extra weight. This extra weight in not good for health and one should take all the best steps to reduce such extra weight of the body. There must be the proper system of reducing weight. It has been observed that many people take lot of hard exercises to reduce their heavy weight. But many of them are not aware of the comfort of relaxing such extra weight body. It is the special mattress that helps you out to have perfect rest of the body after hard exercises. The hard work for reducing weight also needs to have proper rest to the body and for that the mattress that is sued for sleeping is very important. One need to select the best comfortable mattress that can provide best comfort of sleep with perfect rest to all the parts of the body so that one can reenergized for doing hard exercises again and again.

If the person is having extra weight then it is obvious that such person will not able to have proper sleep of comfort. In order to have best sleep experience for the people that are having extra weight then new modernized mattress is the best..It is bestmattress for heavier individuals to get the perfect comfort of sleep in their daily life. There are numerous of extra weight individuals that are experiencing such modernized mattress on their bed for the comfortable sleep is enjoying their daily life. It is time to have the best mattress for relaxing your heavier body.

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Did you know about gel filled memory foam mattresses?

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All of us know about memory foam mattresses but there is a new concept in the market that is gel filled memory foam mattresses. Yes, you heard it right a new technology is there which allow infusing gel into the memory foam mattresses. By infusing gel into the memory foam help enhance the mattress quality. The thin layer of gel in the combination of the memory foam makes the mattress much softer and amazing.

How it is more beneficial?

The most common issue faced by the users of the memory foam mattresses it the less warmth of the mattress.  Memory foam mattress can provide the warmth but when the temperature goes more down will not help you to keep warm. So with the so many experiments to enhance the warmth of the mattress, gel memory foam mattress comes into existence. These mattresses also keep the air circulation in a balanced way so that the sleeper cannot feel suffocation during the sleeping hours. It also helps in the treatment of the back pain and other types of pains which a sleeper fells in the time of sleeping. Gel-filled memory foam mattresses also provide extraordinary comfort to the sleeper and help them to cure of insomnia as well. It is proved as much fluffier than the memory foam mattress. They are recommended for patients and kids.

How gel filled memory foam mattress look like?

In terms of appearance, the gel-filled memory foam mattresses look much thicker. Today these mattresses are available everywhere in the market. But you can search for your best firm foam mattress in your way. The thickness of the mattress is proof of the quality of the mattress. Also, they come in various sizes. The only disadvantage of this mattress is its weight. They are very much heavier, one alone person cannot move it. The life of these mattresses usually long as comparative to the memory foam mattresses.

So, if you want to buy memory foam mattress then you must consider the gel filled memory foam mattress for unlimited comfort. Grab your mattress today!

When you might catch shoulder pain from sleeping on side?

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Why do instances like shoulder pain from sleeping on side appears? If you are a side sleeper, while sleeping, the majority of the pressure falls on your shoulders, hips and spine.  So, if you have chosen a mattress that don’t extend the ideal support to these areas, it is inevitable that you will experience stress and body ache. Let’s explore why instances of body pain and ache arises for the side sleepers?

You are likely to feel pain on the shoulders if the mattress don’t support it

If you have picked a mattress that is excessively soft or firm, the shoulder, hips and spine region will not get the desired support. The soft mattresses tend to sink at one place, while the harder ones exert more pressure on some parts. It is for the reason that such mattresses can’t distribute the pressure in an even manner that trigger pain and body ache in the course of sleep.

You should not feel like you are getting sunk on the mattress

Another very common instance, wherein the mattresses trigger pain is when, the sleeper feels that he/she is getting sunk on the mattress. Ideally, you should opt for the ones that make you feel that you are floating on the mattress. Such mattresses offer even pressure and can distribute the pressure evenly so that you don’t get sunk in the areas that receives the highest pressure due to the side sleeping style.

As a side sleeper, you should always refrain from picking the Waterbeds and the mattresses with innerspring. These mattresses don’t go with the side sleeping style, and hence, will automatically exert more pressure on a few areas of the body, usually the spine, hips and the shoulder areas. These mattresses usually triggers a Hammocking effect that shatters the comfort and convenience of the side sleeper.

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