How can a waterbed help against allergic reactions?

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Sneezing, burning eyes, a runny nose and sometimes breathing difficulties. The house dust mite can cause many problems if you suffer from house dust allergy or asthma. Especially in bed and in the bedroom, problems can quickly arise, because in your bed and around your bed quickly collects dust. Here’s what you can do in a dust mite allergy to keep your bed and bedroom as free of house dust mites as possible.

How can a waterbed help against allergic reactions?

The starting points of a waterbed are simple: the right support and a lot of comforts. Especially for people with house dust mite allergy or asthma. A short summary:

  • A waterbed is very hygienic: transpiration fluid, dander, dust, and bacteria cannot penetrate into the water mattress. If you regularly wash the cover of your water mattress at high temperature, you will hardly have any problems with dust mites.
  • Do you want to be sure? Then you can opt for a special dirt trap. This is simply fastened with a zipper between the cover and a water mattress. So you can give your water mattress an extra protective layer and you can be sure that your bed will not become a breeding ground for the nasty house dust mite.
  • Possibly. Remains that still penetrate the upper class cannot settle in the vinyl water mattress. The mattress can be easily wiped with vinyl cleaner when washing the cover.

As you can see, a waterbed can help reduce allergic reactions. The purchase of an additional dirt trap film is possible, but not a must. The water mattress is impenetrable: dander, bacteria and transpiration fluid cannot penetrate into the mattress.

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