How much is a clean bed?

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Much better and more logical is to have extensive and competent advice to get a real impression of products and qualities. This also includes trying out – only those who feel a mattress, who can also evaluate whether it is the right one.

The best mattress for you

An ergonomically good mattress with desired ventilation (important for hygiene!) Starts at 500$. The mattress cover makes up at least 30% of the price here.

Why is that? Quite simply: Buy a textile (jacket, sweater or running shirt) that can withstand 25,000 hours of use, work at 14 to 22 degrees and remove moisture. In this case, the jacket (which does not exist with the desired conditions) would probably cost 500$ or more.

Which mattress covers do I need?

On the market, there is a wide selection of hygiene covers, mattress pads, and protectors. Of course, quality also plays a big role here. Find out what differences exist and what to look for in our article on Mattress protectors.

For a clean bedroom: ventilate the room properly!

In principle, it is clear, but we would like to mention it again. As for all rooms applies: Sucking is better than permanent ventilation. 10 to 15 minutes window open, for air exchange and you, feel really comfortable in the bedroom.

Can I wash my mattress cover or should I use a mattress cover?

Anyone who believes that they can live mite-free has unfortunately been completely wrong. Mites are in every mattress. For mites, the residue of the mites is the problem. Eyes reddened, sneezing and breathing problems are known. But what can I do to prepare myself well?

In most cases covers are washable at 60 ° C. For natural hair covers – quilted for example with new sheep’s wool – you can at least have the covers cleaned. Unfortunately, this is only a limited solution for allergy sufferers, because the problem is in the mattress or in the blanket so the upper bed. Mites always feel particularly comfortable when it is a little damp.

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