Visco mattresses: Maximum body adaptation for a healthy sleep

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Restful sleep is only possible with the right mattress. Since sleeping habits are completely individual, there are also different mattress types. Visco mattresses have a core made of special polymer foam. This foam ensures that the Visco mattress adapts to the body of the lying one hundred percent. Maximum pressure relief is a result. But who sleeps well on a visco mattress? What are the advantages of this mattress that need to be considered? These and other questions about Visco mattresses will be discussed in detail below. Our goal is to provide you with the widest possible overview of Visco mattresses, thereby making it easier for you to make a future purchase decision.

What’s so special about a Visco mattress?

Visco mattresses are also known as “Tempur mattresses” or mattresses with memory foam. The soft polymer foam inside the mattress was originally developed by NASA, which shows how innovative this technology is. Due to the special composition of Visco foam, it gives way even under slight pressure.

For a dormant body, this means that it can sink into the mattress. This creates a kind of that is exactly adapted to the body contours of the lying. In this way, the spine, the joints, and the intervertebral discs are permanently relieved. For a night of restful sleep, this can work wonders. It is for this reason that Visco mattresses have been used for quite some time in the orthopedic field.

What are the advantages of a Visco mattress?

The exact adaptation to the body shapes of the lying is in the Visco mattresses, not the only advantage. The so-called “memory foam” (memory foam) in the core of the mattress reacts to heat, which is why the mattresses are also known as thermoelastic mattresses. This means that the elastic effect of the foam increases with increasing temperatures, but weakens with cooler temperatures. People who like to sleep in warm rooms can, therefore, benefit even more clearly from the advantages of this special mattress. Another advantage is the absolute quietness with which a visco mattress adapts to the body shape.

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