When you might catch shoulder pain from sleeping on side?

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Why do instances like shoulder pain from sleeping on side appears? If you are a side sleeper, while sleeping, the majority of the pressure falls on your shoulders, hips and spine.  So, if you have chosen a mattress that don’t extend the ideal support to these areas, it is inevitable that you will experience stress and body ache. Let’s explore why instances of body pain and ache arises for the side sleepers?

You are likely to feel pain on the shoulders if the mattress don’t support it

If you have picked a mattress that is excessively soft or firm, the shoulder, hips and spine region will not get the desired support. The soft mattresses tend to sink at one place, while the harder ones exert more pressure on some parts. It is for the reason that such mattresses can’t distribute the pressure in an even manner that trigger pain and body ache in the course of sleep.

You should not feel like you are getting sunk on the mattress

Another very common instance, wherein the mattresses trigger pain is when, the sleeper feels that he/she is getting sunk on the mattress. Ideally, you should opt for the ones that make you feel that you are floating on the mattress. Such mattresses offer even pressure and can distribute the pressure evenly so that you don’t get sunk in the areas that receives the highest pressure due to the side sleeping style.

As a side sleeper, you should always refrain from picking the Waterbeds and the mattresses with innerspring. These mattresses don’t go with the side sleeping style, and hence, will automatically exert more pressure on a few areas of the body, usually the spine, hips and the shoulder areas. These mattresses usually triggers a Hammocking effect that shatters the comfort and convenience of the side sleeper.

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